Vee rewrite

I need to get Vee rewritten. It needs more scope, more development of character, and it needs to be more my voice.

So, I will rewrite it. Here is the plan. Once I am finished with this draft of Roomies, I will start.

First, I will add the first chapter of Affie and Vee in the park naming each other. That will be a prologue.

Second, I will go through the character arc of Vee and make sure there is a strong character arc.

Third, I will identify subplots and bring them out. One of those will be the telling of the story of the Boy in the Tree, the original story of Vee. Oral story telling will form a major part of the character’s entertainment.

Fourth, I will show a scene in which the characters discuss the future of the tree and what they all want, this is on the day Michael arrives, and all their stories have been told, and I will show how hard it will be to please everyone and how easy it is for someone like Leb to lie and manipulate and use everyone’s differences to gain power.

Fifth, I will go over the new characters and their stories, and tell each story from the narrator’s point of view as I think creating so many voices is beyond me.

Sixth, I will develop the characters of Michael and the Dr.

Seventh, I will edit for subtlety.

Eighth, I will get rid of Adam as a rapist and just have him as a menacing threat.

Ninth, I will work on the pace and the payoff of the plot.

Tenth, I will go through the whole book and rewrite it in the voice of an omniscient narrator.

I have a lot to do. I think I can do it while I am in Austria and then send it to people who have asked to read it.

I think I should give myself a rough deadline to complete this draft, number God Knows How Many. Let’s say March 30th 2018.


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