Out There

This post is more of a statement of intent than anything else.

It’s December 19 2017 and I am still writing. That’s about 16 years now of pretty consistent effort, writing three different attempts at novels and countless short stories and novellas, and all of them sitting around in boxes at my parent’s places and on USB sticks. It’s probably time to get them out of those boxes now. Get them out there to be read, or not read, but out there anyway.

I am still working on my original story idea, now titled Vee, from Autumn 2001, and after a three year break, it has been calling me again. The last draft was alright, but it did have some pretty big flaws (confusing plot, lack of character development, lack of variety in sentence length, one harsh but fair critic pointed out to me). So, I am going to work on the last draft again, turn it into a third person narrative rather than the overly ambitious first person narrative of five different characters, develop the back story and clarify the plot, try to bring the characters to life more, and hope that the few years extra experience time and practice have given me can develop it into the best possible story it can be.

I am still working on another project, too. This one is a tennis based one and it’s working title is Following Fyodor. It is now in its third draft and I have been working on it since February 2013. This one is a much simpler story than my first two attempts at a novel (I will go into the second one, Diana, a little later), but it is still a little complicated and out there. Perhaps, though, that is just what my style is. I am about two thirds of the way through this draft, and once it is done, which could be as soon as next week, I will go back to Vee. I love this story more than any of the other ones I have written and I sometimes see Vee and Diana as practice for this one.

As for Diana, I started writing that in 2008 and wrote the last draft in 2011. Like Vee, this one is also too ambitious, not like Vee is, though, and I glad they get less ambitious as I go on. Diana is my attempt at a crime novel and, lengthwise, it is probably the closest I have gotten to actually writing a novel and so I want to give it another go once I have given Vee and Following Fyodor my best shots.

And then there’s No one knew, and Kenny and Soon, and all my other Paper Kids. Some of them probably should not make it out there into the world, but they seem determined so I guess I just have to leave them to it.

So, that’s my statement of intent. Now, I need to get a move on.




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